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Blog as Current Phenomena and Benefits of Blogging to the Community

Escribitionists” is a term coined in 1999 to denote online journalists. A combination of the word “exhibitionist” and the Spanish word “escribir” which means “to write,” escribitionists pride themselves on baring all online. Online journalists are differentiated from bloggers in that, while both may discuss the inner workings of an individual’s life, blogs may include much more. Online journals reflect only on the personal life of the diarist. These early writings of individuals seeking to connect with others over space and time set the stage for the phenomenon of blogging to begin.

The earliest known blogging probably began in 1994 as the personal journal of a college student named Justin Hall. The term “weblog” was coined in 1997 and the shorter version of the word, blog, was coined in 1999. 1999 had also marked the year of the launch of the first corporate solutions for hosting blogs. Blogger was one of the two leaders in offering blog hosting. Weblog, weblogging, weblogger all become official terms and were listed in the Oxford English Dictionary 2003. Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; other functions as more personal online dairies. A typical blog combine texts, images, links to other blogs, web pages and other media related to the topic.

Why Do We Blog?

There are many types of blogs, differing not only in the type of content, but also in a way that the content is written or delivered. Different blogs ranging from personal, corporate, by genre, by media type, by device and others. However, the basic reason why people blog is because he or she has something to say and wants to be heard. For example, from a stay-at-home mom who wants to record her family life to a corporate executive who desired to build closer relationships with customers, some do it for the love of writing, for money and then there are souls who blog just because everyone around them is blogging.


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Finance blogger Ranjan asked Amit Varma the same question and his answer was “Guilt”.

When  I wake up late and log on to my site meter and see that couple of thousand people have come to my blog while I’ve sleeping, it makes me feel guilty that I’ve let them down. So I blog on.”

Benefits of Bloggings

1. Creating blogs are cheap and fast. It is very easy to do and usually it does not require much technical skills. Using blogs even easier than using any other word processing program. Publishing blogs are much more easier than using Ms Word.

2. For small business, blogging can help building community. Business blogs provide our small business with a chance to share our expertise and knowledge with larger audience. An opportunity to connect with a wider audience and build a community is a strong benefits for consultants and knowledge workers.

3. Easy Web publishing solution – Blog software is easy to use. Simply writing out our thoughts, link to resources, and publish to our blog , all at the push of a few buttons. Blog software companies such as WordPress or  offer easy blogging tools to get started.

4. Better Communications – Blogging provides several communication benefits. As indicated by Business Weeks’ Olga Kharif in “Blogging for Business” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sees blogging as a time saver instead of providing many interviews blogging gets his message out to many people at once.


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