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cheo theo


Business Week pays tribute to top 25 Asian entrepreneurs and two Malaysians are in the running for the title of Asia’s best. Cheo Ming Shen (left) and Timothy Tiah ( right) of Nuffnang (of which he is one of the founders), Asia’s first blog advertising network, is that Malaysian.

Kenny Sia, a Malaysia blogger, he is influential because he has been on TV, blogs about everyday life, makes substantial amounts of money from his blog whilst not pushing for the hard sell. He blogs about himself and his travels, making each post interesting and most have photos. Each entry gets at least 50+ comments so means he’s established himself with repeat visitors and has a huge amount traffic driven to his site. He promotes Nuffnang adverts on his site, which is a main source of revenue but is also involved in offline promotion, giving talks on how to use Nuffnang and making money from it.


Kenny Sia

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Kenny Sia’s Cheque by Nuffnang

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The Advantages

  • The blogger is helping people find your ad, you will get better quality clicks, and fewer clicks you will have to pay for that come from people just clicking around for fun. This creates a better visit-to-sales ratio and helps keep your click costs down since most of the newspaper and magazine display ads are expensive and they exposure are limited since they only appeared once.
  • The readers are there for a reason and that helps your traffic, but how does the blog itself help you? The write ups are visible for the life of the blog and are easily searchable when someone types your keyword into a search engine around in the world.
  • Blogs are global. Nowadays customers spend 85% of their shopping dollars online and even if they are planning on buying offline they search for the products first on the Internet. Customers trust blogger write ups much more than the slick white pages, flashy banners.


  • Consumers do not trust advertising. Dan Ariely has demonstrated that messages attributed to a commercial source have much lower credibility and much lower impact on the perception of product quality than the same message attributed to a rating service. Forrester Research has completed studies that show that advertising and company sponsored blogs are the least-trusted source of information on products and services, while recommendations from friends and online reviews from customers are the highest.
  • Misdirection, or sending customers to web locations other than the ones for which they are searching. Misdirection also includes misinformation, such as telling a customer that a hotel is sold out when, indeed it is still available.

Advertising has changed thanks to the internet, and people have had to create innovative ways to market their products and services. One of those innovative ways is blog advertising. Blog advertising is cheaper compare to newpaper and magazine ads that are extremely expensive.


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