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Creating this blog have indeed making me a more matured person especially in blogs understandings, blogging advertising, ethical publishing in the internet and reality world, cultural sensitivity and many more. Besides that, I have also learned lots of theories about web designs based on the readings by Walsh (2006), Schriver (1997), Kress &B vanLeeuwen (2006) and others.

Blogging has become part of my routine cycle since i always keep it updated so that friends and family members can keep on tracks on my life. I always write about the activities that I do, the food i eat, friends i hang out with, my feelings and many more. I have always blog for my own pleasure and I couldn’t care less about my readers feelings. I admit some of my posts are texts heavy, no image, dull, and others. However, after learning about theories and the power of design, I have started to put more interesting pictures, videos to every single posts on my blog.

What have I learn the most in the process of creating this blog?

Personally, I’ve learnt to be more cautious in choosing the correct languages, pictures about the posts that i post on-line. I’ve  become more aware about my surroundings and understandings  about how different people with different cultural backgrounds will have different perspective and interpretations with one another. I have also learn that we need to cite whatever journals, articles that we used.

Lastly, as an ethical blogger, we should be more aware on whatever things we posted on line. We should learn to respect other people’s backgrounds, experiences as different people will have different views and outlooks from each other.



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